Our Programs

Our organization runs a variety of different programs to help support the elderly and disabled in the fight for equal public access in various communities around the country. We are proud to continue to support all of our citizens in this very important fight for justice and equality for all. Here are the programs that we host through our organization. If you are interested in getting involved, please email us or contact us on social media.


Elderly Care Support Group

As you get older, it can be very difficult to know when to seek help for physical and mental health problems, as well as where you can find the help you need to live your best and most comfortable life. This group is designed so that aging citizens and their families can get the information and resources they need to make the best care decisions possible. We help group members assess their needs and connect them with resources that best address these issues.


Fighting For Accommodation At Work

Are you an elderly or disabled person who needs increased access at work to do your job properly? This program is designed to help you and your employer set up the access you need so you can continue to work. Under the ADA, your employer must provide reasonable accommodation for you, but many employers are confused or unaware that they must do this. We’ll help you determine exactly what type of access you need, find contractors who can provide these things for you, and present a plan to your employer so you can work to the best of your ability.


Activism For Access

Every community has some areas where they could improve in terms of having public access for the elderly and disabled. If you notice a problem in your community, it is very important to speak up so that we can work together to find a solution. Our activism program aims to connect people who are very passionate about this issue with community leaders and other prominent figures who have the power to make a change in the community. We host events and fundraisers, and we also promote discussion online through our website. Over time, we can make the changes we need to ensure that everyone has access to important community services and resources.


We can’t just wait around for access to happen – it’s up to us to fight for it. If you are passionate about helping others get the accommodations they need, get involved with our groups today!